NFL 2011

NFL 2011 1.0.0

Polished iPhone football game


  • Brilliant graphics
  • In-depth season mode
  • More than 200 easy-to-access plays
  • Fun to play


  • No multiplayer
  • No trading or player editor

Very good

NFL 2011 is an accomplished iPhone football simulation that charges you with the task of leading your team to Superbowl glory.

You can choose to play as any of the 32 official NFL teams in one of three game modes: exhibition, season or play-offs. NFL 2011 is officially licensed, so all the players and rosters are accurate. That said, there's no option to trade or even edit players, so you're stuck with the line-ups that appear in the game.

The most impressive thing about NFL 2011 is its graphics. From the smooth, motion-captured animation to the detailed player likenesses, NFL 2011 wouldn't look out of place on a PS2. The commentary is pretty good too, with observations generally made in the right moment.

Football games can be a little overwhelming to control at times, but NFL 2011 doesn't complicate things too much. Flicking through all of the moves and plays (of which there are more than 200) is fairly straightforward, and you can even mastermind your own maneuvers using the playbook editor. For those not familiar with NFL games, the helpful and comprehensive tutorials are a must.

In terms of its gameplay, NFL 2011 doesn't really add anything new to the genre. It's fun to play, but it can also be frustrating at times. For instance, it's virtually impossible to stop your opponent's offense from certain situations, even on the easiest game level.

The addition of an online or WiFi multiplayer mode would've made the game all the more enjoyable, but as it stands, NFL 2011 is still one of the best football sims on the iPhone.

Fixed gameplay issues on iPhone 4 Fixed iPod touch 4 compatibility issues


  • Fixed gameplay issues on iPhone 4 Fixed iPod touch 4 compatibility issues
NFL 2011


NFL 2011 1.0.0

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